Adult Services

The journey into adulthood can be a daunting one, however with the right support and guidance to make informed choices life can become much easier.

The key areas we consider


The type of lifestyle, relationships and hobbies they are interested in

Our support

Their key areas of support and what times of the day it’s needed

Living arrangements

Living alone or with others - and if the latter, what type of person would they like to live with?

Our Staff

What interests/characteristics staff must have to support the person

Supported Living

Fortis Care’s main objective is to deliver tailored support for each individual we care for based on their needs and wants which enables them to live as independently as possible within their own homes, immersing themselves into the local community. Our support is focused on these areas.


We support them to meet with friends and family whilst developing new relationships and help them access community facilities such as leisure centres and social groups and social events such as holidays, concerts and key areas of interest.


We help them make choices as to who supports them and how, whilst encouraging them to learn and develop independent living skills such as cooking, money management and use of public transport.


We support them in their daily budget and bill management, their day-to-day household tasks. We also source education and/or employment opportunities aswell as souring the appropriate housing that satisfies the needs of the individual.

Transition Planning

Moving to a new house can be an exciting yet daunting experience which is why our transition planning is designed to minimise everyone’s anxieties and ensure a smooth transition into a new setting. We work closely with an individual and those involved in their care to develop a personalised plan that supports them in their move and settling into their new home. This planning aims to help the people we support to make independent choices by clearly describing their wishes, aspirations and addressing any fears or concerns they may have about moving to a new setting.

Our support will help individuals to:

  • Bring together all the people around them to help and plan for future, this includes friends and family as well as any professionals involved in your care and support

  • Settle into a new house to become a place they can call home

Outreach Support

Our approach is completely flexible, giving you outreach support as and when you need it. Whether it's a few hours a week or a couple of hours every day, we can provide everything you need to lead a full and happy life.

"The support my son has received from Fortis Care has been excellent. In comparison to other services used in the past Fortis Care has proved to be more reliable, flexible and creative in their approach". Relative of individual supported by Fortis Care.

We can support you with

Maintaining your Tenancy

We help support you to pay your bills and to attend meetings.


We help develop daily living skills, such as managing your finances.

Taking Part

In educational, employment and training opportunities, as well as your favourite social activities and accessing local community groups and facilities.

Being There

We constantly encourage you to stay safe and healthy and play an integral part to make this happen.

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