Our aim is to ensure that all of our service users with whom we work have the opportunity to experience life as they wish. Fortis Care accomplishes this by ensuring all of our team understand and believe in the ethos and vision of the company.

About Us

Fortis Care supports individuals to live as valued members of the local community where each person receives tailored support for their needs.

We recruit staff members for individuals that enables us to lay strong foundations.

This enables both our staff and the individuals they support to build an enjoyable experience by working excellently alongside each other.

We believe

  • Everyone has the ability to develop.
  • Everyone has the right to have control over how they lead their life.
  • Everyone’s relationships are valuable.
  • Everyone has the right to be heard and to have support of their choice.

Consistency in support is paramount and as a rule we do not use agency staff.

Everyone wants to be supported by people they know and have a service built on their personal needs and wishes.

Our aim

  • People to enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • To promote independence, safe in the knowledge that support is on hand.
  • To create a homely and welcoming environment.
  • Create a respectful environment where their rights and choices are actively promoted.

Family & Friends

Its important for Fortis Care to also consider the family and friends of the individuals we support. This is achieved by always listening to everyone involved with an individuals prosperity.

We work closely with individuals, families and professionals in planning the ongoing support to provide a service that will ensure a person grows and develops. They will achieve and live as independently as possible within their own environment.

How do we achieve this?

Support & Direction

In order to make informed choices with all their daily needs, personal care, domestic duties, shopping, banking and money management finance.


To their wants, needs, hopes and dreams and working closely with individuals, their friends, family and other professionals.

Individual treatment

Promoting their preferences and beliefs, and encouraging the individualisation of their living environment.

Promoting opportunities

In all areas of their lives, social, employment and education as well as promoting friendships and relationships, oth new and established.

Our Team

Meet the passionate people behind Fortis Care. They believe in change and progression within the community.

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